Balsam Lake 2018

Sitting in the shade


Balsam Lake Provincial Park is the annual destination for a group of friends I am glad to call mine. We have multiple campsites and share meals and good laughs. Sunday was the perfect day for the beach, it was hot enough that you really wanted to go for a swim in the lake. The beach was packed with fellow campers, but despite this fact, I didn’t take the time to sketch any people. This was my first time using my new soft covered Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketch book, and was a real lesson in how different the paper was from painting on Arches.

This was also my first time using one of my latest sketching setups. It is held together with little bits of sticky gel non-slip Pads (sold to hold phones to car dashboards).

One thought on “Balsam Lake 2018

  1. Very nice, you’ve captured the essence of what a beach is. I’m envious of the beach and your painting Thanks for sharing Dad❤️


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